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In check i'm just okay, hey-hey
i could kick my head, it was you who once said
i'm down with you, say your name
i'm down with that 'cause it's you
Can't front what you don't feel
can't be what you don't know
and there's no legs for this kid
'cause i forgot what i did
You the one i'm down with
you the one that i'm on
yeah it's a you
Got high and it proved too high
it's a reach that exceeds my grasp
i saw true things with curious names
and i got stung by it all
I am for the ears of everyone
i am for the eyes of those who come
i am for the taste of lovers
i am one
Yesterday's man was doing his thing
on the road to the reconstruction
and there maybe baby maybe trouble ahead
swing with the lowest tongue

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