Canciones Animé




In the end, it was a season that I miss
When we yearned for tomorrow
In the summer days at the place I relied on
Every time we touched, they almost seemed to crumble
So I couldn’t do anything

Hurting each other, the answer I reached
Is that I don’t merely care about you

I want to hold onto my fleeting thoughts, the suffering thereof, and just about everything
Because I was able to see your kindness
Even if our connection changes its name someday
We were able to ascertain its meaning in each other, so as always, I’ll call it our bond

My awkward smile held the loneliness of a rusty and unfading solitude
Within the illustrated happiness, where is my place of belonging?

I’ll wish
That I want to be the place that spilling water drops return to at least

I’d like you to tell me your feelings that bloomed so small within the kindness
Even if I’m going to be hurt by them, it’s okay
The smile you gave me, my deep thoughts, even my tiny bit of weakness-
Everything is precious to me

If I could look over the too-short distance, then from this moment and this place now
I can start walking little by little
Please smile, because I’m sure you’ll guide my hand that our solid connection links to yours

No matter what, I want to tell you
That there’s someone watching over us in the vast world
I’ll definitely go weave
The two thoughts, yet a single one, linked to the faint sky

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