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I want to know, and yet I don't...
Things are fine the way there are.

If it's just going to be me crossing stuff off this list...
I wish tomorrow would never, ever come.

I thought it was something from a faraway world
Such feelings don't have anything to do with me...

If it's with you, I might be able to
Show you the depths of my heart
Because I know our relationship will stay the same.

I know where my heart lies now.
It's somewhat suffocating...
The winds of change blow haphazardly.

What will I bloom into tomorrow? Eventually I'll bloom into you

Peek into the sensitive contents of my heart!
If you happen to see my depressed feelings in there...
You'll end up running away.

Somehow, every day is radiant and bright
Never realizing these precious days to be precious

Leaving that aside, let's go somewhere tomorrow, just the two of us
Without breaking down the distance we keep between each other
Little by little, that distance keeps whittling down,
Surpassing limits and eventually reaching a solid zero.

Who will I become tomorrow? Eventually I'll become yours

No matter how fast I try to run away
Even when we squabble, keep being yourself forever
For I'll definitely come to you

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