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Tell me we'll survive this
Tell me we'll live through this
Tell me that it's in my head
And tell me that it's just a dream (Its just a dream)

You're dead!
in the blink of an eye
There's no time for tears in your American Lie
Now its broadcast worldwide
By the immortal and all knowing Fox 5
Do not believe in the lies that they preach
Do not believe what you see on TV
You'll be sittin' the gutter
Just starin' at each other
Wondering how we have evolved into this…

Unholy War
That you will face
There's no way around this
So pick up your guns, don't put them away
There's no way around this

Do not believe in the lies that they preach
What will you do when your mind has been bleached
Cause your brainwashed today
What did they say? What did they say to make you act this way?

Gear up, gun up, put up or shut up
There's no way around it
So now you must stand up

Nooo, Your not safe anywhere you go
Nooo, You can't escape from the fate of our fallin' world

Fuck Your News!
Fuck Your Rules!
And Fuck All Your Politicians!

Because your third world thumb can't…
hold us down
not without us fighting
When everything you love is lost
And its been infected by the same damn thing that runs your life
An uneducated ape, with an uneducated mind
So when the bombs drop and the smoke clears
What will be left
and will you look back on your life
And what was wrong with it
Get up, stand up,
stand up for your rights
Get up, stand up
And don't give up the fight!

Unholy War
You say to me, you say to me
We will not survive

We got the guns, and We got the Numbers!

Un-jihad, you say its Unholy War
Un-jihad, you say
You fuking say

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