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Pam Tillis

It's a slow, smoky scene at the county line catina
where strangers stop to hear her sing a song
she's a legend 'round these parts
for stealing all the hearts of cowboys on their way to san antone
She used to be a desert rose with ballerina toes
but that wasn't in the cards she chose to play
the pages of her life are wrinkled, but her spanish eyes still twinkle
everytime she steps out on the stage
Tequila mockingbird, flying underneath the neon moon
tequila mockingbird, dreaming of a love that ended too soon
she sings the saddest songs you ever heard
so bittersweet
tequila mockingbird, tequila mockingbird
Well now once she had a man, and they called him diamond dan
he was wild and reckless as a mustang stud
'til one night tequila found him with the gamblers gathered 'round him
lyin' in a pool of cheater's blood
She sings ooh hoo, woo hoo hoo
it wasn't god who made those blue neon angels
ooh woo hoo hooh
i know he's waiting on the other side for me
She sings ooh hoo, woo hoo hoo
she sings ooh hoo, woo hoo hoo ooh

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