Canciones Vomitory




[Music T. Gustafsson, Lyrics E. Rundqvist]

Suicide, a march across the red coloured soil
Battles that no one will ever win
Charge through death into enemies land
Obey the chain of command

Charge through a bullet rain
Honour and glory
No time to think of death

The fallen ones are left behind
Knee deep in blood in enemy land
Eye to eye in a charge for death
One last attack, reload and charge

Bullet screams fill the night
Forward against
A symphony of

Surrounded by human guts, blood everywhere
The last of days for many, the final stage for humanity

Reload, charge will full force
It is time for the final carnage
Contact, reality in blood
No honour for the cowards who flee.

When all pride is gone
Life you knew has past
No more ammunition left
Towards death they march

Bayonet charge, attack
Climb up from the ditch
Engage through enemy terrain

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