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You're looking for troubles kid ?
then you're gonna get'em ! !
go ! !
I'm going to the show tonight
my favorite punk band's playing and i'm like
a time bomb i'm gonna blow
cause tonight i'm going to the show

i'm gonna drink too much again
(too much again ! ! )
i'll end up singing with the band
(with the band ! ! )

everything was going fine
untill i felt it coming had to slam
security came up
(came up ! ! )
grabbed me by the arm and beat me up

just wanted to enjoy the show
(enjoy the show ! ! )
i ended up with broken bones
(with broken bones ! ! )
go ! !

with broken bones
I thought that punk rock
was all about
about sharing something
with the crowd
but sometimes things don't
work out that way
it's nobody's fault
security ! ! (x2)

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