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One step on the sloping path, by one step, the footprints climb
If someday will shine.
It’s also a detour to a love story.

In some sakura tree, it bloomed.
It was a little petal.
Why such a strange person put a spotlight on me?
It’s something I cannot say well.
Not at all did I dislike it.
I was rather happy to the point that it’s embarrassing.

It blends into the scenery because…
…I have no presence.
Hey, I wish I could become striking like someone else.

Whether these are fifty steps or hundred steps ahead, it is the same for two people.
It’s stranding every time you wrongly press the button.
Now, however, I move forward trying to ask for your all with this hand.
To complain so much that it turns to be a dazzling story.

If you notice it in the mug
The drifting passion to do it.
Too hot, it just is.
Let’s fix it one more time.
The meeting and parting events…
They are fun but also painful.
It is just right to mix it.
A plum blossom, I’ll become.
If it is too safe,
If the tension between man and woman is non-existent,
By another one millimeter, staying here closer by my side is also fine.

One step on the sloping path, by one step, the footprints climb to Hanasaka-sou*
If I run out of breath, I’ll pull your hand.
It will be alright if all is connected properly to a place where one can laugh.
It’s also a detour to a love story.

After this one more step, one step that will not give up the two footprints
From somewhere in this sloping path, those two
Someday, it will be pleasant for us to meet at the top for one more time, right?
The story of only two of us.

(* refers to the folktale of Hanasake Jiisan. The old man – who once owned a dog which led the old man and his wife to riches and then was killed by a jealous neighbour – sprinkles the ashes into the air, causing the cherry blossoms to bloom)

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