Canciones Kaos




Among these things you can't deny
Your skin's gone cold I wonder why
You feel so cold you feel so cold

Regenerate, bring new life into these veins inside
that has gone cold and much too dry to sustain
Love inside, Life inside

Argue again, it's all in vain
Feelings run too deeply to explain
How first we love but then deny
I feel the hate, I see it in your eyes

I don't believe, you want to leave
But you diseave, with agony
I don't want you near me! But I don't want you to go Away!
Cause this things too good to say fuck it, say fuck it
I don't want to, I don't want you to go away

It's never too late to say you're sorry
You're sorry for what you've done
Cause I'm sorry for what I've done
I'm sorry for what I've done

‘Repeat Chorus’

Cause you can't break it, break it, apart
And feel nothing from the heart

It's taking over, It's taking over me!
Can't get much colder, distorting what I see!
Distorting what I see!
It can't be taking over,
We won't let it take us over

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