Canciones Vomitory




[Music: T. Gustafsson, Lyrics: E Rundqvist]

Warmongers, a race of total genocide
Domination, a crusade to cleanse the world from Lies
The stench of Christians, screaming, burning, dying
A world in chaos where evil germinates

An impenitent world where evil grows
A world in putrefaction where malice takes command
Like a cloud that consumes all hope
A world in darkness where all good will die

Reborn chaos
Eternal Death

Profane their world of lies
Primal massacre into the end
Disgrace their sacrifice

End of days originate from Lies
The final judgement falls upon
Burn forever Jesus Christ

Illusion of the future, already a dying past
Light becomes darkness, pain becomes all
No more resistance, a growing fear of death
Scream for mercy when everything dies

Reborn Chaos
Eternal Death

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