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Janis Joplin

What do you think about your town since you've left and come back ?
It's fantastic! i was across the river from the club last night, i never had more fun in my life! except sometimes in california i have more fun.
Do you plan to come back soon ?
Oh ? er, er, er, i have no immediate plans, ha ha ha!!
Did you entertain in high school, at the high school, when you went back at the high school ?
Only when i walked down the aisles, man. no, i did, no, i was, er, i was a painter, and a sort of a recluse in high school. i've changed.
What happened ?
I got liberated! i don't know, i just started to sing and singing makes you want to come out because painting, i feel, keeps you inside, you know ? and once you start singing you just sort of want too talk to people more and go out more and, you know, your lifestyle's becomes more a come-out, flow-out thing instead of a hold-it-and-be-quiet type.
How were you different from your schoolmates when you were a teenager ?
I don't know, why don't you ask them ?
Did they make you different ?
Otherwise were you different in comparison with them, or were you ?
I felt apart from them.
Did you take a part in football games ?
I think not. i didn't go to the high school prom, and er ...
Oh, you were asked, weren't you ?
No, i wasn't. i don't think, i don't think they wanted to take me. till i'll be a hundred and sufferin'! it's enough to make you wanna sing the blues!

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