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Vinnie Vincent Invasion

I want you but you never reply
i can't get through on your line
while your intuition
keeps holding you down
you're hangin' me up every time
I want you to want me
and whisper my name
in every breath that you take
i wanna touch you
and fill up your dreams
and vow your heart will never break
i want your passion
though it's not your fashion
i know you can make it your style
don't you know there's no...
substitute...i live for your touch
substitute...i want you so much substitute for your love
Open your window and see the real world
to know what you've been missing
come out of the shadows
insecurity lies in a heart
afraid to listen
don't gamble your life away
on things that will fade away
love is waiting for you
(repeat chorus)

(repeat bridge)
(repeat chorus)

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