Canciones Tempo




I am a narcohampon
I have the control of the area south
But your singer yo!
Just because you are a mule I knew
I'm going to be who you are dealing.
Here I am he deputises
Do not make me stop
a short distance away and you shoot
With my plastic gun
And my tongue elastic
I put the class artistic!
Tempo dominates
Turning paraffin tests
Death to speak
And if I become guilty
From my acts
In which I was encouraged by the grass
Whatever happens
Give me the gas chamber
Which makes them pay
Where I live does not forgive
and fashion are the bullets am
undetected and walk pistol
And I am determined to keep rumbling
See Jump.
(It heard a series of shots and screams)

I! Second scene yellow lines
With a decade of people
And a tax lift a corpse
To aka bushes around the sidewalk
Painted blood
I! The color of my favorites cangris
Nobody believes in such so-bichote
Concorotes comedians
I cause vomiting
What is my verbal
And without acting with the index finger
Is to finish what I started
And put faith in my music
That is real and stems from the hamlet of mine
Where the trouble
They are custom of the residential
We are not immortal
And we do not defend with metals
I came to be a movie star, my nigga '
I am the actor of the crime scene
Many describe me as
I am the leader of assassins
who do not believe in the living
from the lowest
where the controlled substances
are the beans,
those who are in the corner
pa 'bands as possible
pa 'grass and have lunch
this is more or less my life
I know is that the CIC watch me
I suspect the feds
three acts of homicidal
2 cases of kidnapping and
I arrest warrant
by law to escape and where
I want to see
I pursued the FURA
with a flock of Crown
Victories and Monteros
as I would like to see me
Face to face with Toledo
Superintendent of doing
there is a case for more
slaughter of singers
and the court will do a show stripper
when the judge and prosecutor
I lower the Zipper
I'm given Tempo 'real moth' FUCKERS!
you want to know what is being crazy,
on issues of robberies?
I go with black clothes, mask
, Gloves and shoes
if there are problems
go out and the miles
but there are Babilla, and I
to abide by what it worth
and I'm planning a plaito
to Wells Fargo, YoOo

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