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Zack De La Rocha

"What he said was so clear, so true, that I had to stop everything
And concentrate on his lessons."

We need masters in biology, zoology
To overtake, illuminati, trick-knowledgy
Transform, reciprocate your mental state
Now make a date, to overtake your objective
Show that through life, that everything is connected
But not in categories, cause that's the devil's warning
Symbols, of cannibalism, ruin your vision
Then thought formulate in your mind, with no precision

We paid a crude price, for what they call life
Dubbed without grief, took him out that night
Some'll ask why, ma say they hate the look in his eyes
Like the child, little omen, they want him crucified
The last on the battlefield, the last alive
Beside, they don't want the African to survive
Sable, the son of Satan was involved in the plot
Legalize the homicide, his soul gon' rot

Yo, they attempted assassination of Mumia Jamal, they set'im up
I come to find out, 2Pac they wet'im up
Pharaohe, standin behind my fuc*** curtains
With a double-barrel, rehearsin'
Ready for war now for certain
Uh, biological warfare suits
Black gas masks, black boots, half-assed niggas become troops
My dunns are doper warriors, so prove thee now
Plenty thug niggas are fruity now

Freedom is that cold road seldom traveled, by the multitude
We need to depict to describe it, so that we can cultivate this food
Motivate a few of you fools, regenerate the mood
Free ourselves from mental bondage, free ourselves from Family Feuds
Now follow me through this prophecy, building our colonies
Where our pillars and columns be, bigger than the coliseum
I call 'em like I see 'em, the devil does a devil's dance
They wanna murder Mumia, take action, it's the only chance

They tellin' me, son, grab a gun or two, money gonna come to you
Stop rhymin 'bout what white people done to you
Look, burn a blunt or two, screw who you wanna screw
Do what you wanna do and lesson went to you
Kill all that teacher shit, its too much cheese to get
And if Jesus exists, just don't believe in it
Eat the bread of wickedness, join the global Satanists
Give death row sentences to black revolutionists

Now they will flee and guard, just to feel the power
Not to justify, that of you and I
Holdin' daggers up and lettin' you decide
After passin' information that's falsified
Stand behind a lie, what does it cost to die?
What does it cost to live? Why do they specify?
These terms of why, when they ain't the most high
They fear they will kill, but the soul will never die

Through seasons, legions and demons, pleadin heathens and even Stevens
I've wandered through regions, cease freezin, even some breathin
Some leave in pieces, will freeze caps, like Clevelands
Now she seemin like semen, slide you home like the decon
Use my mental for potential through Mumia's mind
Behind these bars, diamond scarred for the chorus
I climb all fifty steams and lock cats in Mars like dogs
Fog will clear like tears after resolution
This daily fight through revolution

You see the capital thugs got nervous
Cause he refused to be their servant
Cause he spit truth that shook heads and burn like black churches
Prose and verses, filled with a million black hearses
Watch, see the decision of Dred Scott as it reverses
So as long as their rope is tight around Mumia's neck
Let there be no rich white life we bound to respect
Cause and effect, can you smell the smoke in the breeze?
My Panther, my brother, we are at war until you're free

I plan to move my motherfuckers to the frontline, ready with guns cockin'
We storm prisons, get the wards rockin'
Snipe all the F.B.I. and cops clockin'
Philly officials, bodies droppin'
Offends the eighty-five, bombin'
Eye for an eye, we'll hang 'em by the Capitol Steps
Snap their necks, snatch their vests, equip my children with techs
Free from the protected Feds, called it murder, legal execution shit
Free the righteous or face the bloody revolutionists song

Yo, federal indictment, militant mind enlightment
Son, we outburst, in the court room, full of excitement
Face the jury, thugged out, with blind fury
They want us all under the jail, end of the story
Brave and heartless, we can have a million marches
But when you black you under attack, son, regardless
Live by the gun, dunn, and die by the gun
And revolutionize minds until freedom one

Somebody scream bloody murder, inside of my head
The executioner's plot controlled by the feds
Take illegal action, they want Mumia dead
This nation of savages been trying to kill us for years

Yo, we watch wizards play games in Washington with your life
Swung with Spiderman, now we swing websites
W dot Hell's Kitchen, livin, ill condition
Body clonin switchin C.I.A. lynchin, Mumia trapped in prison
Marilyn Manson, mainstream, aliens visiting
My skin's a misdemean' with siren bee screams
Them wonder why the Live Channel got attitude
The times got us seated like zero degrees latitude

Can you keep a secret like society? The eye is on the rooftop
They got me under surveillence, like they had Biggie and 2Pac
Yo, I saw two rocks, heard two shots, then level when my view drops
They grazed me, but didn't phase me, I fired back and hit two cops
For sure I, mumble through the jungle like Indiana Jones
With the key to unlock the science of microphones
Hit reverse, disperse, on stereo, planet Earth
Because the first shall be last, the last shall be first

Yo, if Mumia dies, fires in the skies, rebel cries
We politicize, brothers with the lies uncovered
Look for me in the whirlwind, dare to struggle and here to win
Long live the panthers, comrades with answers
Freein all political prisoners of war, freein the poor
Open the door, keep your hands off our silence
Stop the 'ism schism prison economy that we live in
Impeach the president, keep on fightin until they give in

I say, "Fuck the Police," cause they been killin us for years
This ain't no free country, niggas get murdered for their ideas
Free Mumia means all Africans let go
Cause just livin in the ghetto puts you on death row
You don't know? You seen how the tried to do Assada
Till some real niggas organized theyselves and went and got'er
Lotta crackers verbalize if Mumia dies, put fire in the skies
But only time'll tell the truth from the lies

As you peep the illusion, cause I see my peoples losin
The overall battle to keep Republic rats from choosin
Afterall, I feel the bruisin of the constitution
When my back's against the wall, manifestin in their destiny
Shit, they just testin me, Mumia's spirit blessin me
No alibi, I know Allah is not their ally
I believe I can fly, but their type of freedom is a lie
So f*** the government, C.I.A. and F.B.I

In the holy month of Ramadan, doin' time, war and degrees
Within the means of God's speed, feel the supreme penalties
Black non-fiction, remains the weapon of choice
Reject the illusion of justice and white hears the black voice
The passion behind the file, the flesh beyond the bars
Through the spirit of under force, who's deaf and who's cost?
Break the black man down in front of the black fam and all
Guilty as you all, free Mumia Abu-Jamal

Shatan will destroy anything for the right price
In a physical world one man cannot die twice
To the spiritual world your soul cannot fly twice
Yet could this be the second time they crucified Christ?
Ask Ed Asner, the actor, after the execute'im
There will be a peasant uprising like the French Revolution
In conclusion, if you detect evil
Free the voice of the voiceless, defender of oppressed people

Check it out, they want us locked down, boxed up in the ground
It's war time now from how the sufferin sound
We deep in the realm, the planet petrified overwhelmed
We all stars livin life out on surveilance film
New World law enforced, mind rape, cerebral holocaust
No escape, fire, fifth burn, the execution date
Shatter, We on the front lines prepare
I want Mumia out the cage the time for action is here

This is a P.S.A. to the P.S.C. and the P.P.D
Mumia Abu-Jamal must be set free
How would y'all like it if we took it to the streets
In a discrete fashion? Still smashin', underground arsenal of lyricists
Live from death row
We want the voices of the voices fully clothed and ready to go
And if not, you'll witness the largest uprisin' you've even seen befo'
April twenty-fo', nineteen fifty-fo'

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