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Zakk Wylde

I'm looking for a Miracle Man
That tells me no lies
I'm looking for a Miracle Man
Who's not in disguise
I don't know where he'll come from
And I don't know where he's been
But it's not our Jimmy Sinner
Because he's so obscene

Miracle Man got busted
Today I saw a Miracle Man
On TV crying
Such a hypocritical man
Born again, dying
He don't know where he's going
But we know just where he's been
It was our little Jimmy Sinner
That I saw on the screen

Miracle Man got busted
Miracle Man

A Devil with a crucifix
Brimstone and fire
He needs another carnal fix
To take him higher and higher
Now Jimmy, he got busted
With his pants down
Repent you wretched sinner
Self righteous clown

Miracle Man got busted [x7]

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