Canciones Camila




Spend the anguish so close to my
when you walk away from here
that insomnia is still out there
waiting to try to sleep
I am left alone and so
not planning to live
I am left alone and without you
is so easy to go crazy

I'm bottoming
I refuse to be without you
I have to recover
or let you go again
I'm bottoming
it hurts to talk about you
I do not hide
the rest of my life

I quickly
Always against the clock
Everything that ever lived was for my
And although it hurts to accept so
We separate the two
A never ending story repeats
And it is that I am part of you
Because after
In your love
There is nothing
And I recognize the fear in your eyes

Always fall rendered when you call me
Always every minute miss you again

You are to me
Since I saw you
Do not stop thinking
And that I have so much fear
To love you again

I know I fell in love
I fell lost without knowing
That at sunrise
Love Is Going

It hurts to admit
Mistakes and hurts hurts to know
That without you is better
Although at first

I missed
Just saw you
I always did
as wanted

Because I was always wrong
And I did not see
Because I gave life for you
Because everything starts just

Because I never had more reason to be without it
For trouble making decisions
Because it will hurt
And now I understand
That this woman
Always did immensely sad

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