Canciones Naiara




What you're no good? The rock is determined to fuck my roll,
what happens is that I'm up pussy seek their support.
I do not have to prove that took more time-or what-
I head up and always on the ground feet.

If you want me, you find me. You Sure.
As hard as quitting pure chloride.
I swear to fuck you miss the forums,
I lined my room, with your sound cheap gift.

You do not know but pretend,
Os life you pass sale, while others
we are faithful. I leave the skin without thinking
in rent. Or enter that TOP,
beg you to vote your song for me is not Hip Hop.

SENSE, mine is born from the heart
I laugh, your attitude cryo without cause or reason.
Are you stupid? Or your parents
are blood brothers who did not use condoms.

I do not need to show off skill, my thing is to listen
I just release the shit hits on your teeth
If you are looking buts in my rap, all you will achieve
Is to increase an ego that after years made me stronger.

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