Canciones Velvet




Everything you are scaring better
Maybe it on my own
Everything is just forcing place
The time is right
I’ll take the chance
Yeah, I’m ready to jump out the edge
You’ve got me believe in

Feel me now
Bow you’ve got me love struck
Take me now
Just when I was over block
Now you’ve got me struck
When I close my eyes
I can feel your body is touching me
Butterflies until she’s gonna find
I’m gonna make you mine

I am trying to copy the situation
The start of something new
Maybe the charms are just for crush
But I don’t know why
I keep all smiles in other crowd
Yeah, without any reason at all
You’ve got me believe in

You make me wanna take the other level
You make me wanna sticking like the poser on the wall
You make me wanna screaming loud

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