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Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Heavy metal cry heard around the world
rebel yell we shout out loud
we got your rock - we'll guard your soul
we're the law and we lay it down
Do or die i love it
right or wrong i need it
We're gonna rock you
we live for love and glory
and die for what we know is truth
we're gonna let it rock
let freedom rock
let, let it rock
let freedom rock
let, let it roll
let freedom rock
land of the free and the brave
we're gonna let it rock
So proudly we hail at dawns' early light
to the shores of tripoli
we're b.a.d. balls to the wall
no mercy for the enemy
Shout out loud: fair warning
shout out loud: fair warning
We're gonna rock you
young thunder never dies
in blood we sign on the dotted line
We plead unitied - we are the rock of ages
we are the hammer of the gods
rejoice our victory - its celebration day
freedom ring loud and be proud
(repeat chorus)

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