Canciones Wicked




Yet another heir to the throne was determined to harness the dormant powers of the end of time.
Unyielding in his quest this usuper had unbelievably made his way to the pantheon where the gods held their gathering.
Defying the unwritten laws the arrogant and intrusive royalty demanded to receive blessings from all the nine deities.

Seemingly benign they choses to grant him his wish.
It was only then when he realized the horrible mistake he had made.

You sought gods that never existed, finally you found ones sick and twisted.
Deprived of old faith succumb to insane forces.

Nine blessings of contradicting sources.
Nine powers of nine towers.
Nine powers in me combined
Everything so pure, so cold.

Knowledge searing my mind.
Too much to withstand.
This might for a mortal man.

Forces untold mine to control.
The light of reason lost forevermore.

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