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3 Minute Hero

Fat man slouched over the bench laughs at my transportation
Every time i drive by him he fills with jubilation
He's laughing at my tires he's laughing at my horn
And the cards in my spokes
If i had time i'd tell him my story so he knows i'm not a hoax
Like this:
My car is shot it hasn't moved an inch since 1995
So my friends and i did not have much you could
Call a social life
We got sick of walking, sick of hitching, sick of taking hikes
So we didn't buy a car or a minivan -- we all bought bikes
Geeks on bikes, geeks on bikes (ad nauseum)
I'm up at dawn to call my friends to relay the day's big plans
& before you know it our helmets are on
Our gloves are on our hands
We drive down main to the dairy queen -- always in single file
And the fun piles up behind us yeah -- mile after mile
I always drive my bike safely with mirrors
And when it's dirty i was it with tears

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