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Mal De Parto

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There's no way to bury this,
this supposed act of love,
there's no way to bury this,
puppet hero cut your ropes.

A requirement of vanity took him to a chaotic scene,
"bury your innocence" was heard loudly,
he didn't pay attention to the desperate screams,
wake up!, dead man!, you're still alive!.

If you want some heat, you don't have to crawl,
towards the first beam of light, (As they're pointing the gunshot to your head)
you can shine your eyes under the thick fog,
the darkness is cozy too, (did you hear me?, did you hear me at all?)
you can shine your eyes under the thick fog and see,
(with your hands full of blood) some heat without crawling.

Without me,
you will see,
without me,
nothing at all.

the sharpness of your steel,
has opened my skin

You thought that a precious stone,
going to change
these lies to honesty,
all my warnings went to,
far far away
the truth was so hard for you
the truth was so hard for you.

Shot by shot, scene by scene,
you're going to make a movie of your own agony
you've didn't see your foot suspended in the air,
and your hands clinging the edge of the precipice,
you must have taken my hand, when i gave it to you,
silly stubborn,
So now you must go to the way that goes to hell,
with your black empress, look at me!

(smell my fears, taste my thoughts, look what you've done to me,
when all is said and done, there's nothing more to say.
oh no! your fading now!)

You must don't carry on,
she traps you with her false beauty,
her perfume,
will poison you,
going to make you a sack of bones
denying my advice,
you're going to win
a long wet dream with the fishes.

Your insistence going to do
that you write your name on your own tombstone.

Las Canciones Más Escuchadas Mal De Parto