Canciones Unloco




I feel like i don't exist
i'm trying too hard to cope with this
cuz if it means too much
then it means too much to me

i'm pulling your strings
but you're pulling away
it's half past noon
another fucking bad day

cuz i'm screaming
at the top of my lungs
if i don't get me way
(you better watch your back)

it's all the same to me
i feel so incomplete
i never want to change
but i think i'm gonna fold
it's all the same to me

i wanna let you know
maybe i just don't wanna let you go
cuz if it means that much
then it means that much to me

i got a new job, but my pocket is broke
i want a revolution, but i just can't revolt
and there's gotta be something out there
that makes me feel this way
(you better watch your back)


i feel i'm gonna fold

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