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Paddy Casey

I'm scared for my child, lord, for her mother
for what you people wanna do to one another
for the water, for the trees --
man, i'm scared of pollution, of disease
And i'm scared that my child won't live a long time
with your murderin', rape and your drug money crime;
scared of the drugs stealing youth from the young.
well their life story; well that'll never be sung
And i pray my child lives happy and long,
and i hope she never will sing this song
and i pray, my child, live happy and long, lord
and i hope she never will sing this song
Well as some men talk of peace now -- good intentions.
i'm only gonna look at his latest inventions.
hope i'm wrong, heard i'm right --
man he could end it all tonight.
i know upon this night another village is burning;
child lose their life as their first sun is turning;
leaders of holocaust stand so tall;
man it looks like there ain't no value in life at all...
Well i pray my child will live happy and long, lord,
and i hope she never will sing this song
So lord please forgive me if my fear offend now --
it's just so hard to transcend now
cause when i ran away from my bad dream
the child inside was too scared and screamed

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