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Mozart La Para

It is the abyss
Where fall ke die young
Your mother suffers and hurts
The more bottles you buy more friends you have
Each sees that gives you a happier drink your Stay
Without knowing what you can lose
Morality, your father, your family or your wife
You think you're gonna win and you really going to miss
The doors will be closed if you think back
Many people it takes to clear your mind
Not knowing that in that environment people suddenly dies
It can be an executive, entrepreneur or delinquent
You can die innocent because of an accident
Make your sacrifice will not take and vice
Or else in life you're going to be a waste
Become a profession that's a trade
Open your mind and think or fall off a cliff

The baby suffers because his father is an alcoholic
This is an astronomical problem
I am narrating cases are historical
His heart for suffering is melancholy (Bis 2)

The baby before bed by his father says
Because when a drink is given loses his head
The problem of the old house is not interested
It gives advice on the table to see if the parent progresses
I took the advice of his daughter
Saturday went to church he started reading the Bible
Aparto alcohol for a moment
And then I had a reunion and ultimately forgive Family
Seeing his best friend melt into alcoholism
Giving thanks to God that came out of the abyss
They look in the mirror and I said was likewise
And take my daughter and I am not the same

And do not drink carlo
And no walks carlo
The street does not exist pa
Not in carousing ta
And not shame the neighborhood
Not a drunkard
And his daughter and her family asked for forgiveness

The baby does not suffer his father is not an alcoholic
It is no astronomical problem
I am narrating cases are historical
His cheerful heart is not melancholic

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