Canciones Poison




Uh. here it comes.
well, funky monkey's in the jungle tonight.
they got two by two. didn't get me right.
they playing loudest baby.
gone as the day when the days are gone.
i said, "gone." when the money money gone
and you're dying baby it's just so sad.
Lost mary. cries cries cries.
and you're dumb enough and you want ideas. said, "the lion sleeps." bust your bottom baby. dies dies dies. didn't matter to.
i just wanna funk you.
That's it. when the jungle sleep.
when the monkey shine.
i said, "you do baby and i think i don't mind." back then deals were wild.
if the deuce is left in then the deuces are wild and you dig it.
lord, that's right. yeah baby.
when the moon there's a little dyin'.
i said, "baby.'
Well, lost mary it cries cries cries.
him on his way. walk this way. oh on his way. lion sleeps babe. it dies dies dies.
didn't matter to. i just wanna funk you.
ooh. no way.
How 'bout we get alone? the jungle sleep.
when the jungle sleep. ooh. kick it.
give me some of that.
well, dime store cowboy shoot your gun.
knock them motherfuckers down one by one.
money on up. it's in your face.
gimme no lip or get your fate back here. ooh. got it right. when the money don't sleep and the money don't shine.
never ever paid a dime to
Lost mary. it cries cries cries.
keep him on his way baby and i won't ever die. die. die. they say, "when the lion sleeps the land slowly dies."
not me baby. baby i said, "lost mary cries cries cries.
rockin' on. rockin' on. rockin' on.
it won't be really hard if ya give a little bit of what you got right here.
when the lion sleeps the land's gonna die.
a little bit too. i just wanna funk you.
got that.

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