Canciones Animé




go down the animal trail. oh lions and tigers, roar
the splendid land which lies beyond the brilliant red sky.
to the youth which wanders about
in the solation of imprisonment, are weakness and anger unseen enemies?. oh father, even now I kinow thee not.

if I chase the unseen backs of my brothers who went before me,
then the morning star beckons on thenights of wandering
the dreams does not end even as death pines away.

you are real. you are also my life.
in the harsh gale of the barren land
oh butterflies and flowers, live,
in the eternal spring the mirage that blossoms with it.

even if the chaste turbidity dirties my body,
please believe the brocade of my heart.
oh mather, I shall never show my tears.
the dew on the grassat my feet disappears.

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