Canciones Orphaned Land



Orphaned Land

My beloved one oh my beloved one the merciful king God.
He will send
his faithful messiah.
Merciful father hear our call.
Send the son
of david and he will redeem us we will return to Zion our holy city,
and we will rule it mightily

Poetry for David, Jehovah is my shepherd I shall
not want : on grass fields he'll lay me, on calm waters
he'll direct me : my soul he'll make joyful, will guide
me in justice-circles for his name : even if I'll walk in
death-shadow valley I shall not fear because you are with me,
your staff and your support they will comfort me : you
will set up for me a table against my enemies, in oil you
cover my head and filled is my glass : but kindness and
charity will seek me all my life and I shall sit in Jehovah's
house for days on.

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