Canciones Waterdeep




People try to tell me what I should believe
But I just sit and listen cause love will never leave
Hieroglyphic sermons gallantly express
Visions of repression and the tears outlast the test

Men in black and navy forage for the law
Disillusioned dreamers forgot what they foresaw
Flagrant smiles creep mildly onto the vandal's face
We forgot to tell them that greed had been replaced

But you welcome me
In from the cold cold night
You welcome me despite the cries

I wish for you my conscience to overthrow the hate
To listen to the fragile. I swear it's not too late
The children of refinement are resurrecting change
Cause vagabonds were puppets and no one heard their name

Emancipation lingers an inch above our grasp
Diplomats beleaguer the voices that don't match
Heretics are punished. criminals set free
Prisons are dividers of opportunity

Futures lie in waiting. they're hoping to exist
Forgiveness is an army and no one will enlist
Guilt remains the symptom of peace that's gone awry
Inside the righteous mind frames distracted by desire

A thousand screaming nations fulfill the prophecies
I wonder how long we have until the time has come to leave

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