Canciones Los Traviesos De La Sierra



Los Traviesos De La Sierra

Sometimes we complain about this life,
without seeing around us,
AND GIVE YOUR bring pen,
Haber are saying,
This is another.
Was traveling in the center of the city,
repudiated the air conditioning would not work,
there was nothing that did not make me angry,
the truth that I complained to the tone that was in my cell.

The light showed a red light,
and jumped to my truck kid chest,
no shoes and torn clothes smiling at work
and started to think.

Thus says the corrido,
and unfortunately so,
pure naughty hear.

While the boy was cleaning the windshield,
an old man of eighty years some take the news said,
in his hands the paper had,
I only listened without speaking the truth did not.

Quietly I asked him to come closer,
ask how much you earn each,
is a weight and I sell them all during the day,
to not get fired.

I propose that fence to rest,
they are bought and paid tip the kid gave equally
heat never stopped pressing
the distance a cart-wheel looked round.

A friend sells pens and palettes,
walks not only accompany his crutches,
despite missing a leg from hearing cheerful whistling,
your home is the pillar.

And not to be laughed at,
only turn his head,
and you will see that is not a lie,
obstacles to valuing,
many examples of life.

Itself already had a lump in my throat,
and girl with paint on his shot into the air three oranges face,
your number one is impressed,
It was very clear when he said I want your help for my sister.

With his eyes pointed toward the sidewalk,
where he was a very sick little,
the truth I do not want to die for their expensive drugs,
even if you are hopeless.

Almost daily we complain about life,
when many are struggling to the world for one meal a day,
some will not even imagine,
say is a matter of where and who look in around the corner.

They think if we face the problem
we help a bit,
I propose that when touched in red if you can analyze it,
have nothing more to say.
And there will I leave dentare plans

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